What are Reed Diffusers?

Reed Diffusers are flame free, require little maintenance and last for months.

Reeds are inserted into the bottle of scented diffuser fragrance, each reed contains a number of channels that the fragrance can flow through. The fragrance then gradually travels up the reed saturating the reed to the very top. The scent is then dispersed through the air via evaporation.

Because the diffusers are flame free and don’t require any heat, diffusers are a simple and hassle free home fragrance solution.

Directions for use

Remove the plug from the top of the bottle, replace the decorative cap (if applicable), then insert the reeds into the fragrance through the hole. The reeds will draw up the fragrance and begin diffusing it into the atmosphere. It may take up to 24 hours or so before you begin to smell the fragrance in the room, as the fragrance needs a bit of time to saturate the reeds on first use.

Health and Safety

Keep out of reach of children & animals at all times. Not for consumption. Always wash your hands after handling home fragrance products. Always place on a stable, level surface & ensure that the reeds cannot touch other materials, such as wallpaper or curtains. Avoid contact of fragrance with skin and eyes – if contact does occur wash hands immediately with soapy water, or flush eyes with copious amounts of cold water. When handling the diffuser grasp by the bottle rather than by the cap. Do not place diffuser directly onto polished, painted or synthetic surfaces or fabrics. Fragrance liquids may cause staining. Keep diffuser away from sources of heat including radiators and direct sunlight.

Tips and important information

Fragrance can drop down quickly at first as the reeds begin to soak up the fragrance. This should slow down once the reeds are saturated.

Draughts and ambient temperature can affect the behaviour of the Diffuser, draughts will carry the fragrance around your home but may also decrease the life of the Diffuser, as increased airflow can speed up absorption.

To increase the scent of your Diffuser, flip the reeds over regularly. Be careful not to get the fragrance on surfaces or your skin. This may also decrease the life of the Diffuser, as increased airflow can speed up absorption.

You can control the strength of the fragrance by using more or less reeds. Using fewer reeds will slow down the diffusion rate, but will reduce the power of the fragrance. 

Are Reed Diffusers eco-friendly?

Our reed diffusers are very environmentally friendly. They emanate NO soot or film onto your furniture, walls and ceiling- the way candles do. (If you use an ionic air cleaner, you already know that ionic cleaners must be cleaned twice as often if you use candles in your home. Not so with reed diffusers.) Our ingredients are alcohol-free and DPG-free. Unregulated reed diffusers from China may have any combination of unregulated ingredients.

Are your products tested on animals?

No. No. Never! We love animals. We can’t think of any reason why ANY consumer products should ever be tested on any animals.